Drakewell FieldOps

Drakewell FieldOps

Drakewell FieldOps is a proven, mobile friendly, and comprehensive directional drilling and field reporting software. FieldOps saves time and provides real-time visibility to the field giving people access to information they need, when they need it.

Today, most DD’s and MWD’s use multiple systems and excel spreadsheets in order to do their jobs and to communicate with coordinators and clients. Drakewell FieldOps allows them to work in a single system, eliminating redundant data entry, increasing visibility for stakeholders to the field, and giving teams a single, secure source of truth. FieldOps is designed to benefit both people in operations and in IT as well as the overall business.

Drakewell FieldOps Benefits People

Drakewell puts all field reporting, survey management, slide sheets, and BHA’s & tool tracking in one place.

  1. Field personnel only have to use one system for drilling, survey management, and for paperwork
  2. Easy to use
  3. Accessible from any mobile device, again, making life easier and allowing people to work from anywhere
  4. Reduces redundant data entry
  5. Reduces email traffic, reducing risk of miscommunications
  6. Increases transparency & communication with clients and within teams

Drakewell FieldOps Benefits Businesses

Put a tool in the hands of directional drillers, MWD’s, coordinators, well planners, and sales teams that is easy to use and helps them stay on the same page looking at the same data and the benefits of Drakewell follow.

  1. Scale – do more with less
  2. Save time – get better information more quickly because teams aren’t stuck aggregating and cleaning data
  3. Increase return on human capital
  4. Consolidate and optimize investment in software and systems
  5. All drilling data is in one place and useable

When software is old, hard to use, crashes, or people have to use many systems to do their job, data quality suffers, and business efficiency and scale are inhibited. IT costs are high and come with the feeling of little value.

Many companies resort to “shoving software down people’s throats”. We believe that while change is hard for people and companies, we should do everything we can to ensure software implementation and adoption is as pain-free as possible. This allows leadership to receive optimum return on investment in Drakewell.

FieldOps Features

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