Designed for service companies.

From the rig to the office – manage people, jobs, tools, and performance all in a modern, easy-to-use system.

Remote Operations

Job management, tool logistics tracking, BHA and activity tracking enables people to watch over more than one rig at a time, ensuring engineers can make informed decisions in a timely manner.

Real-time Anti-collision

Center-to-center and ellipse-to-ellipse collision avoidance available any time, on any device, eliminating overwhelming email traffic.

anti-collision with ladder and spider plot
Personnel Utilization

Ensure your team is right-sized for activity levels, keeping costs as low as possible.

Real-time Analytics

Spend no time or money cleaning or aggregating data. Get real-time insights straight from rigs to key decision-makers’ fingertips so they can make informed decisions.

BHA & Tool Tracking

Easy-access and cross-job BHA data make it faster and easier to turn thousands of runs into valuable learnings.

inventory tracking
Asset Lifecycle Management

Get the most out of your asset fleet by managing and tracking their lifecycles accurately and in real-time, keeping costs low and fleet utilization high.

Asset Lifecycle
Workflow Automation

Establish control and consistency in repair and maintenance processes and procedures saving time, money on training new employees, and increasing service quality.

Incident and Failure Report Notifications

Stay informed and be able to analyze incidents and root causes for failures all within one system, ensuring time is spent solving the right problems.

Daily Reporting & Activities

Get the full picture and reduce costly redundant data entry with Directional and MWD Dailies, BHA’s, and activity logs all in one place.

Field Tickets

Bids tied directly to jobs, eliminating the risk of concessions due to human error.

Advanced Survey Management

Surveys pushed directly from EDR to Drakewell, eliminating the large costs of redundant data entry and risk of errors.

Real-time PvA

Keep all relevant documents, images, videos accessible, and available at any time without the need for separate document systems.