Top 6 Reasons Directional Service Companies Need Drakewell

Top 6 Reasons Directional Service Companies Need Drakewell

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1. We have your present and your future in mind.

Many software companies that serve the oilfield are of oilfield descent, not from tech. Because of this, the oilfield:

  • has to relearn lessons and make mistakes that tech has already experienced and solved for,
  • is behind in leveraging the best that tech has to offer for the benefit of the businesses,
  • struggles to build digital strategies that enable operations teams and get good ROI on IT spend, and
  • struggles to create the cultural change necessary within their businesses to truly recognize the benefits of leveraging technology.

Domain experience is one of the top pain points for IT teams within service and rental companies.

Disparate systems ultimately cripple innovation and create exhaustion.

chronicles of software fatigue

Drakewell bridges this gap by connecting senior software engineering talent with real-life end-users in the field and in the shops of our clients.

2. Drakewell is Accessible from Anywhere

Drakewell can be used in the field or office and is accessible from a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or phone. Drakewell syncs across users and platforms, so there is no need to waste time and money getting information from the shop to the field and the field back to the shop and the office. People in operations have the information they need when they need it information is easily accessible anytime, anywhere by your team.

3. It Helps People and it Benefits Businesses

Most DD’s and MWD’s enter one single survey into over five different places… and that’s just the surveys, not to mention all of the other information included on field paperwork. With Drakewell, a survey can be entered into one place and viewed/used immediately by other people and systems.

Service Companies shouldn’t spend time relearning lessons and making mistakes that tech has already experienced and solved for.

Putting teams on the same page, eliminating redundancies, relying less on email for communication, and automating data cleaning and aggregation results in over 10% cost reductions and increased overall business efficiency.

4. Easy to Use

The user interface is designed to make work in operations simple and efficient. Far too many oil and gas platforms and ERPs are difficult to use and aren’t intuitive for the user. Drakewell’s interface is designed for the everyday user. It is simple, clean, and practical and helps teams work smarter, faster, and more efficiently.

Further, the architecture is designed to handle the dynamic nature of operations. It boasts seamless master data management, scalable, extensible, and security. Drakewell is intended to play a strategic role in any service or rental company’s data lake.

5. Excellent Customer Service & Consulting

We know how frustrating it can be to use software that is complicated and has bad customer service. Drakewell understands the importance of having easy-to-use software that works for you, not against you. That is why Drakewell has team members dedicated to making sure your software is smoothly implemented and they are available to help you with any questions that arise while using the Drakewell software.

Our team is also available to help walk with you on your digital journey. Help your company avoid costly and time-consuming mistakes, and help to avoid software fatigue.

6. It is Comprehensive

Drakewell software tracks and manages assets, inventory, personnel, billing, and jobs. Drakewell is a holistic solution intended to put operations teams on the same page looking at the same information.

…results in over 10% cost reductions and increased overall business efficiency

Disparate systems ultimately cripple innovation and create exhaustion. Stop piecing together software, spreadsheets, and information written on whiteboards. Drakewell tracks it all and is accessible by anyone from anywhere on any device.

7. It Works

This seems like an obvious idea, however, the oilfield is plagued with software that is difficult, breaks easily, produces incorrect calculations, is buggy, is unusable across platforms, or requires significant energy and time on the backend to maintain.

Drakewell was built to just work. Our Service Level Agreement commits to uptime. We employ best-of-breed engineering and DevOps practices to deliver seamless and easy software without the IT headaches.