Directional and Survey Visualization

Directional and Survey Visualization

Drakewell allows a directional driller to be able to track surveys, slides, and rotates while also visualizing planned, current, projected, and anti-collision well paths. At the same time, the district maintains visibility to tool performance and job status without interfering with the driller. With Drakewell, directional drillers can make data-driven decisions resulting in more efficient operations and minimizing non-productive time.

Activity & Well Path Tracking

Well Paths

Track the current well path against your planned by uploading it and any other anti-collision plans into Drakewell. Upload as many as the job requires.

Slides, Rotates, and Surveys

Drakewell makes it easy to track slides, rotates, surveys, and other rig activities while drilling. This means eliminating dependency on spreadsheets, calculators, or pen and paper. Easily maintain a consistent chronological record of all daily rig activities in one place.


Sometimes during drilling operations, the actual well path deviates from the planned. Drakewell not only allows you to select a target point to get back on track, it will use center-to-center and projection to bit to perform all the necessary calculations for getting back to the planned path. Drakewell eliminates the need for guesswork and mitigates the risk of human error.


Quickly export easy-to-read slide, rotate, survey, or daily activity reports for distribution to any stakeholder in the drilling operation. Drakewell also allows the driller to easily generate and submit daily field tickets and BHA reports.

Real-Time Visualization

Watch your well being drilled in real-time with Drakewell’s Interactive Traveling Cylinder , 2D Plotting Visualization , Real-Time 3D Plot Visualization . These features use your survey data to show your actual drilling progression side-by-side with your planned and anti-collision paths. These visualizations make it easy for you to see when deviations occur and to set a new target to get back on track using the most efficient path. Would it change the way you operate if you could virtually see underground and make accurate decisions based off real-time data?

Performance Data

How long would it take your team to generate a report that shows your company’s performance in a certain area? Days of collecting from multiple sources? How accurate would that data be? Drakewell tracks job performance data in a single platform which makes it easy to show your clients how your company performs against the rest.

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