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Supercharge your digital strategy with fit for purpose solutions.

The oil and gas industry is changing and it’s time to evolve operations. Building software solutions that meet the needs of both a technology-powered generation and the enterprise is more important than ever. Drakewell can help you build and implement modern solutions that help you operate efficiently and predictably.

Oil & Gas software engineered by people who already know the industry

Increase efficiency. Improve bottom line.

We bridge the gap between IT and Operations to help relieve pain, deliver value via modern solutions, and implement software best practices. This allows our clients to focus their efforts where it delivers the most value back to their organization.

What We've Built
The Tech Side
Digital Transformation

From technology to operations to the rig, we partner with you, helping to guide your organization toward a true culture of innovation.

Solutions Consultation

Over a decade of experience in the oilfield allows us to get projects up and running quickly because you’re not having to explain to us what drilling a well is.

System Architecture

Efficient data design, valuable integrations, and refined feature sets are paramount as we craft custom solutions or collaborate with your technology teams.

UX/UI & Prototyping

We can bring your solutions to life with delightful and intuitive user experiences that drive value through adoption and automated data quality.


Modern development tooling and seamless delivery practices are at the core of every scalable software solution we create.

Mobile & Web Solutions

To ensure your solution reaches beyond IT and data science teams and to business units, operations, remote centers, and the field in the best way possible, we deliver functionality for any device.

Modern Technology Stacks



Couch DB



Amazon AWS


Elastic Search


“Drakewell understands the oilfield. We didn’t have to spend months explaining what a rig was to your engineers. It was refreshing and it made us comfortable working with you.”