Designed for Operators.

A scalable and sustainable way to get consistent, clean data from disparate service providers.

Real-time Anti-collision

Center-to-center and ellipse-to-ellipse collision avoidance available any time, on any device, eliminating overwhelming email traffic.

anti-collision mobile
Vendor KPI Dashboard

Work more closely and more often with vendors to improve performance allowing you to execute consistently and plan effectively.

Well & Vendor Scoring

See the big picture. Compare performance with actual data using a grading and weighting system allows teams to have transparent discussions about where to focus improvement efforts.

custom scoring of operations with real time data to enable comparability
Survey Management

Surveys pushed directly from EDR to Drakewell, eliminating the large costs of redundant data entry and risk of errors.

BHA Analytics

Easy-access and cross-job BHA data make it faster and easier to turn thousands of runs into valuable learnings.

Tool Reliability

Which tools meet your run success criteria? Lower costs over time by choosing the right tools for the application.

Workflow Automation and Collaboration

Ensuring people can all access the same data keeps teams on the same page and ensures consistency in operations through knowledge sharing.

NPT Reduction

Identify and address invisible lost time across one or many wells, saving time and money.

Custom Dashboards

With custom, real-time dashboards, smart people can spend time asking harder questions and looking at data in new ways to find additional performance improvement or cost savings.


Know the directional cost/ft drilled in real-time so engineers can address potential issues sooner, saving time and money.

Real-time PvA

PvA at any time and on any device. Eliminating the need for costly and out-of-date PvA emailed from well planners

interactive traveling cylinder
Report Uploads

Investing in dyno testing to improve motor reliability? Create real-time analysis of dyno-tested motors pass/fail and their performance downhole to track the ROI of the testing.

Remote Operations

Job management, tool logistics tracking, BHA and activity tracking enables people to watch over more than one rig at a time, ensuring engineers can make informed decisions in a timely manner.

Report Notifications

Stay informed and analyze incidents and root causes for failures help reduce costs in the near term and harness lessons learned over time.

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