Team Management in Drakewell

Team Management in Drakewell

Drakewell Team Management

Make the most of your best asset – your people. Track hours worked, keep employee records, manage pay rates and overall personnel utilization. Managing your team with Drakewell gives you insight to where your people are and where they are needed. This increased visibility ensures that your team is positioned to deliver the highest level of service quality possible.

Personnel Coordination

What field hands are available today? Which ones will be available for a job coming up in a week? Who is going on vacation? Who have I scheduled too much or too little? Who needs additional training? Drakewell provides visibility to your field personnel, from job schedules and time tracking, to training and vacation. Not one piece of information about your operation exists in isolation with Drakewell.

Personnel Utilization

How many people do I need to support current operations? When might I need to add headcount? Can I borrow help from another district? Drakewell’s platform provides transparency to where people are across all district locations. Hiring, laying off, or having the right people in the wrong place can be costly. Drakewell helps you to optimize the utilization of your current talent and maximize return on investment.


Managing personnel with Drakewell allows you to select the right people with the right experience for the right job. Managing personnel with Drakewell will increase visibility across districts and jobs to ensure that your team is adding the highest level of service quality to your clients.

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