Interactive Traveling Cylinder

Interactive Traveling Cylinder

Managing every aspect of a job is the core of Drakewell’s oilfield service software. From asset and inventory management, to job usage and billing, Drakewell is the complete package for directional drilling, rental tool, and MWD companies. The platform manages personnel, tool orders, billing, field tickets, equipment performance and safety. In this post, you will see the capabilities of the interactive traveling cylinder.

Drakewell will help you visualize in real time your build rate, motor yield, and slide seen and unseen with our interactive traveling cylinder that tracks against the original plan. This tool helps you to increase accuracy, efficiency and puts your company at an advantage.

The traveling cylinder is a tool that allows you to interactively view the position of your last few surveys in relation to the well plan. We think of the traveling cylinder like looking down a tube and seeing where you are actually drilling (marked in red) in relation to your planned point (marked in blue), which allows you to see the deviations throughout the drilling process. Want to see more drilling features Drakewell offers? Check out the 2D Plot, and the Real-Time 3D Visualization.



Visualize your drilling progress with Drakewell’s traveling cylinder. This feature utilizes survey data to map your actual progress against the plan and stay on target.


Depth Slider

Within the traveling cylinder, you can use a slider to view your progess at different depths throughout the well path. Along with the mapped information, you can also see survey information at any given point.


Recording Directional Data

The Directional area of Drakewell displays a summary of data about your well path. It is also where you come to record your slides & rotates, and work with surveys.


Sliding & Rotating

Easily track your measurements while drilling all in one place and get quick calculations without using paper, spreadsheets or a calculator. Drakewell allows you to quickly record your measurements to get the most accurate calculation to hit your target. You can maintain a consistent record of all of your measurements in one place. This technology will put you ahead of the rest in the industry and reduce the amount of time and effort between measurements.Recent Surveys and Rotates

Above is the Current Survey section​ where y​ou will find detailed information about the most recent survey. On the right you will see a graphical view of the current survey’s position relative to the planned path. At the bottom of the graphical view are the calculated deviations describing how far the current survey is left/right and high/low of the planned path.Traveling Cylinder

If you click on the Traveling Cylinder button, in the Current Survey section, you can drag the slider at the bottom of the window from right to left (or use your left and right arrow keys) to move from your current survey to your past surveys. As you move the slider you will see visually the position of each survey relative to the well plan in addition to its calculated deviation (Left/Right and Low/High) from the well plan.


See Drakewell in action:

Traveling Cylinder

We focus on user experience and usability because you need software that helps you get the job done quicker and more efficiently. The difference between what you think you know and reality could cost you millions. Drakewell is the solution to turn your data into knowledge and allowing your business to digitize and scale.