Culture Transformation Drives Digital Transformation

Culture Transformation Drives Digital Transformation

Drakewell’s CTO, Shane Kempton, talks about how embracing a culture of innovation allows organizations to embrace Digital Transformation.

Presentation from 4:30 to 35:44

Cliff’s Notes


  • Culture is the outpouring of the understandings, world view, and philosophy of leadership.
  • It is imperative therefore for leadership to have a core understanding of information technology and what it can do for you.
  • One of the reasons the Oil & Gas industry, particularly drilling, struggles to digitize is because it is very different from the baseline business and fundamentals of software.
  • We must change how we perceive technology and how we embrace a culture centered around digitization.

Software is a Non-Physical Environment

Software is fundamentally different from any other kind of business.

Technology scalability comparison across industries.
Visual image of the way software can scale in comparison with construction and manufacturing.

Great software engineers can scale their products and work in ways that are impossible in any and every other business. They are able to transcend physical limits of most work.

“The outcome of the software product is almost entirely defined by the talent of the engineers involved.”

What you can do

  • Talent first – recruit, acquire, partner, borrow
  • Be Agile – building while designing
  • Fail early
  • Adopt from the top – lead the adoption from the top
  • Get help
  • Commit…or wait. If you don’t commit to managing two cultures at once, you’ll be miserable

How does this relate to Drakewell in Oil & Gas?

Drakewell is top tech talent who understand oil and gas.

First, we bridged the gap between IT and operations by having our engineers spending time at rigs, in shops, and in the back office.

Next, we designed a clean, simple user experience in order to make their lives easier.

Finally, we paired that with modern, scalable infrastructure and architecture to produce a platform and applications that meet the needs of both field personnel and enterprise IT.

Today, service companies and operators alike can leverage decades of work and learnings to bridge the gap between operations and IT in their own businesses or accelerate internal development projects by years.

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