Drakewell, Your Operations Wingman

Drakewell, Your Operations Wingman

We are here to help you support 20% more activity with the same team and tools, and empower your sales team to answer questions in seconds. Now that’s a wingman you don’t come by every day.

“I get a satisfied customer, a safe and successfully drilled well and a happy home life :)”

Current Drakewell Customer

Drakewell’s directional software is hands down, the best choice for your company if you are looking to compete in an environment where it is no longer enough to just drill faster, deeper, cheaper. We understand it is hard to see how software can help your company in such a substantial way. That is why we put together a sample of perspectives from different sectors of your company. This will help you see the benefits from all angles and feel confident with your decision to drill with Drakewell.

If you do the small things well, you’ll get the big things right. True efficiency gains don’t happen overnight, nor should they occur in silos. Drakewell benefits users and stakeholders across an organization, which delivers efficiency across the board, and pays dividends by enabling growth. Below, you’ll hear from a Vice President, Operations Manager, Office Manager, Directional Driller, Well Planner, Optimization Specialist, and an Executive Sales Rep from directional drilling service companies currently using Drakewell.

Straight from the Mouths of Current Drakewell Customers:

From a VP: ‘Above Expectations’

“As far as the initial Roll out of the Software package, us migrating from multiple ERP programs and Excel spreadsheets, The attractiveness of the software from an Asset perspective is that these components are live, our technicians use DW on Ipads as they receive tools, build them, and dispatch them thus eliminating clerks who historically entered the data. Once we were ready to migrate, we were live within one month, and all techs trained. My favorite area of the software is the ease of bids and tickets, and the forecasting. Very powerful and intuitive areas. Our salesmen are creating bids in customer offices within seconds of being asked. Back to the rollout, I highly recommend working with the DW team. A refreshing change from the ‘others’ in the DD software world.”

From an Operations Manager: ‘Great, use it every day’

“Drakewell combines several other software programs that are needed into one software platform. Combines inventory tracking, motor and MWD rebuild tracking, rig daily reporting and some sales aids and administrative reporting. Also very easy to use and implement. Also like the feature of “Roles” so everyone can see their work but don’t have to see what everyone is doing to make the software work. Also like that it works on any device, computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.”

From an Office Manager: ‘Drakewell has been a lifesaver for our company.’

“My favorite thing about Drakewell, is all of our data is in one place. We always know what is going on at location, and where our tools are! Organization, better tracking, ease of invoicing, but mainly having real time well data at your fingertips! Drakewell reps listen…. and the software is modified to be a custom fit for your company!”

From a Directional Driller: ‘Drakewell has been a good replacement for WinSERVE. It’s nice to do everything from one program.’

“I like that the surveys and dailys are on one platform. The fact you can use it on your mobile device is very helpful. The asset tracking is really helpful for digitally shipping and tracking tools from office to location. The customer support and response to feedback from Drakewell is very good also. You can set up email notifications for nearly any action you want to be notified of when it is done to the well you are assigned.”

From a Well Planner: ‘it’s great to see it flow together’

“What I like the most about it is the fact that our office and field staff are all on the same page as we are drilling these wells. I’m a well planner and importing plans and creating new well paths has gotten easier. Also, the fact that we can see daily/hourly activities along with the BHA’s they are using and their performance is a big plus.”

From an Optimization Analyst: ‘Capture the MWD and DD BHA specs in one location’

“I like how user friendly the software is and its functionality to locate the component specs in a timely manner. I don’t have to waste any time trying to guess where the data is, but can find quicky to ensure the customer has their models completed as quickly as possible.”

From an Executive Sales Rep: ‘Extremely innovative and user friendly!’

“The software has the most valuable tools built in for easily accessible functions. The 3D graphics make the reporting functions easy to view and share.”

We can list features all day, so let’s talk about the other things you get with Drakewell that aren’t going to be listed in a feature set. If you are interested in seeing the down and dirty features and how they compare to other software in the industry, visit our Features page and toggle between the different software currently offered.

Top Things You Get with Drakewell

  1. Ease of Use.
  2. Fast and painless field-first implementation.
  3. Elimination of unnecessary clerks to re-enter paperwork from tool assemblies/disassemblies.
  4. The ability to drill a well and make the experience feel like shopping on Amazon, not working in a legacy accounting package.
  5. Great features like real-time/instant (email) alerts to team members when tools arrive when incidents occur when jobs start or are completed.
  6. Realtime Daily Revenue Dashboard sliced and diced however you like to look at your business through Drakewell.
  7. End users (Tech’s/Field Engineers) who actually enjoy their reporting software.
  8. Allow the storage and easy retrieval of historical data with a simple Google-like search
  9. Ability to match Drakewell to your operations.
  10. Remote access to the software any time, anywhere you have internet.
  11. Full visibility into tracked shipments, hours, jobs, and more between the rig, the service facility, and corporate
  12. Easily track timesheets and pay rates from any location and from any device (mobile, laptop, tablet, etc.)
  13. All of your data in one highly secure spot. There is no switching back and forth between programs.
  14. First-class support and product knowledge from the Drakewell team.
  15. Software with strong controls that are easy to work with.
  16. Software that runs on an extremely powerful engine.

“Drakewell is a good one-stop shop for basic information and communication between field and office”

Current Drakewell Customer

Have you ever considered a wingman for your field operations? You probably haven’t had great choices to start with, but now you do with Drakewell. Let us help you make more sales, operate more efficiently and effectively, and support 20% more activity with the same team and tools. Start drilling with Drakewell to start seeing the benefits. Your team benefits and so does your company’s bottom line.