Drakewell Software Overview

Drakewell Software Overview

Drakewell exists to make a better and more efficient oil and gas industry. We pour our efforts, creativity, and passion into it to positively affect the life and business of every person using our software. Read on to see what the platform offers, how it works, and how to get started.

What is it & what does it do?

Drakewell is a comprehensive and seamless oilfield operations software platform. From asset and inventory management to job usage and field tickets, Drakewell is the complete package for directional drilling, rental tool, and MWD companies.“It is great, use it every day. Drakewell combines several other software programs that are needed into one software platform. Combines inventory tracking, motor, and MWD rebuild tracking, rig daily reporting, and some sales aids and administrative reporting. 3d well design helps at the field level understand what the well is doing. Also very easy to use and implement. Also, like the feature of “Roles” so everyone can see their work but don’t have to see what everyone is doing to make the software work. Also like that it works on any device, computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.”Mark Franklin, Foresight Directional

Directional Drilling

Drakewell tracks surveys, slides, and rotates and provides 3D visualizations of planned, current, projected, and anti-collision well paths. This allows drillers to make data-driven decisions resulting in more efficient operations and minimizing non-productive time. Learn more about Drakewell’s Directional & Survey Visualization capabilities and tools by checking out the following features: Interactive Traveling Cylinder2D Plotting VisualizationReal-Time 3D Plot Visualization.

Personnel Utilization

Managing personnel with Drakewell allows you to select the right people with the right experience for the right job. Track hours worked and overall personnel utilization to ensure you are making the most of your best asset – your people. Managing personnel with Drakewell will increase visibility across districts and jobs to ensure that your team is adding the highest level of service quality to your clients. Learn more about Drakewell’s Team Management capabilities.

Asset Tracking

Drakewell’s asset management feature allows you to track and manage assets throughout your entire operation and throughout the lifetime of an asset. Track the shipping, receiving, maintenance, operational parameters, and hours on an asset from one place and accessible from any device. Always know exactly where each asset is located and its condition. Allow funds normally allocated to the replacement of missing or lost assets or for the rental of supplemental equipment to go back to your bottom line where it belongs! Learn more about Drakewell’s Asset & Inventory capabilities.

Some of the features and activities available in Drakewell include:

  • Cloud-based mobility
  • Time and depth logs via WITSML
  • Unlimited global users
  • AWS Security
  • Set user permissions for each user
  • See time/depth logs
  • Run projections
  • Create plots
  • View historical logs
  • Create Reports (Survey, Projection, anti-collision)
  • Price book and bid management
  • Personnel utilization
  • Job management
  • Job revenue
  • Inventory management
  • Asset tracking
  • Shipping and Receiving
  • Failure analysis, MTBF, MTBI
  • Daily and EOW reporting

Why it’s exciting

1. Drakewell works on any device, computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

2. All of your data is in one place. No switching back and forth between programs.

3. Configure Drakewell to your business to work with your current processes. See configurability of Drakewell in this video.

4. Have more eyes on the job by sharing data between the field and the office in real-time with Drakewell.

5. Access multiple jobs and corresponding data within your organization quickly and efficiently.

6. Always know what is going on at location and where your tools are located from any device in real-time.

7. See daily/hourly activities along with the BHA’s being used and their performance.

8. Deliver daily reports more efficiently, accurately, and securely.

9. Getting started with Drakewell will enable you to have your data and business ready for AI, Machine Learning, and other advancements in the future.

There is so much more to be excited about. See why others are getting started with Drakewell here.

Why your customers will care

With the launch of the Customer Portal, Drilling Engineers or other customer representatives will be able to see real-time data anywhere whether they are using a mobile device, tablet, or computer.

How do I get started?

The first step is scheduling a demo to see Drakewell in action. If Drakewell is the right fit for your company we will step you through the implementation process and get your business running in the race to digitize the oilfield.