Succeeding with AI Despite 85% Project Failure Rate

Luther Birdzell (Krista Software) presents with panelists Rashi Gajula (Pioneer Natural Resources) and Kristopher Kettner (Phase 2 Development) discuss software development and how to ensure project success. With over 85% project failure rate, it might seem impossible or overwhelming to take on software development projects or partnerships, especially if your end goal is to leverage advanced techniques like machine learning or AI.

IADD Digital Transformation Webinar Series – Succeeding with AI Despite the 85% Project Failure Rate

Main Points

  1. Start with a business objective. What capabilities do you want to enable in your organization?
  2. Prioritize collaboration. Collaborate internally and with professionals in specific areas of weakness.
  3. Invest in top talent. Software engineering is a talent-first game.
  4. Treat AI as a Tool in a Toolkit, not as an ultimate goal.
  5. Invest in deployment automation. Over-the-air updates, remote monitoring, etc.
  6. Optimize for experimental cycle time.

The International Association of Directional Drilling Digital Transformation Webinar Series is dedicated to changing the conversation and raising the bar for all things digital in the oil & gas industry.