Drakewell Customer Portal

We’re excited to announce the first version of the Drakewell Customer Portal is coming soon. Read on to see what it is, how it works, why it’s exciting, why your customers will care, and how to start using it.

What it is & what it does

After decades of paper, emails, and post job reports the Drakewell Customer Portal brings customer communication into the digital age by giving you the ability to share certain job information with your customers in real time and on any device.

Your customer’s Drilling Engineers will rejoice the first time they click the secure link and pull up real-time information about a job from their smartphone. Drakewell’s Customer Portal provides your customers with a real-time look into Job Summary and Job Details anytime they want and from wherever they are.

This includes:

  • Job Summary Information
  • BHA Summary Information
  • Job Performance Visualizations
  • Directional Information
  • 2D Plot
  • 3D Plot
  • Daily Activities
  • Drakewell Realtime (if available for the job)

How it works

Any person you have added to the job contact list can get a unique sharing link. By simply clicking Share next to their contact information, Drakewell will generate a unique sharing URL and automatically email that URL to the contact’s email address.

By clicking “stop sharing” you can revoke access for that URL. Sharing jobs is now as easy as sharing a file with Dropbox.

Why it’s exciting

As your customers demand more data delivered faster, we’re working hard to provide you the tools to accommodate their needs. The Drakewell Customer Portal is a value add to your customers, one we know they will quickly have a hard time living without.

In addition to sharing with customers, other third party contacts like engineers and contract Geologists will find the portal useful.

How do I turn it on

When the Customer Portal launches all you need to do is click the share button in the Job contact list. The Drakewell Customer Portal will available on every job.

The Drakewell Customer Portal is our first step to improving the sharing ecosystem in the oilfield. We hope you and your customers love the ability to share information with ease.

Contact us to setup a demo, learn about our pricing model, and make sure to ask about our new features!