Drakewell Analytics

Drakewell Analytics

Manage your business, not your data with Drakewell Analytics. Drakewell Analytics allows you to skip over constant data scrubbing from disparate systems and get right to answering the hard questions about your operations. It takes all of your operational data, stores and organizes it, and then helps you visualize what’s going on in your operations in near real time. With Drakewell Analytics, there is significant time saved for applications engineers or sales teams working on KPI presentations as well as providing real-time insights for decision makers to make smarter, data driven decisions.

What is it & what does it do

Drakewell Analytics is a front-end application into which all of the data captured in your Drakewell instance flows. Analytics can help you answer questions like “what is my revenue as of an hour ago?” to “what are the minimum and maximum temperatures my tools have seen in the past six months?” to “what is my ROP in the curve in Reagan County?” in near real time.

How it works

Basic Analytics include critical information about your business like total footage drilled, BHA runs, incidents, daily revenue, or cost per foot, all filterable by date, customer, etc.

Advanced Analytics dig deeper into operational performance. These would include visualizations showing slide and rotate footage by well section, filterable by customer, for example. They also show incidents or drilling and circulating hours by motor vendor, etc. Advanced Analytics also allows users to skip the exporting and pivoting and get right to tinkering with your own data and build any visualization or dashboard you like.

Custom Analytics are visualizations, charts, tables, graphs that, for a one time charge, Drakewell builds for you, deploys to your Analytics instance, and then exists forever in real time. If there is something specific that you’d like to see, we can build it for you!

Why it’s exciting

Crunching and scrubbing data is over! Disparate systems are a thing of the past! With Drakewell and Drakewell Analytics, the oilfield service space is going seamless and streamlined. It is no secret that the oil and gas industry is cyclical in nature. The best way to manage business in downturns is to automate and streamline how you run operations so that, when the next boom hits, you can recognize growth without incrementally adding costs.

Why we are offering Drakewell Analytics

Making data driven decisions in real time pays dividends when it comes to operational and company performance. Smart people should be spending their time trying to understand how to add more value to your client’s businesses, not making sure state names are spelled correctly so they’ll pivot well. We’re offering Analytics because people spend too much time doing work that software should do for them. They spend days every month building revenue spreadsheets. They spend days or weeks building quarterly KPI presentations. The problem is, every month or quarter, these presentations or spreadsheets need to be rebuilt manually. The process is basically the same. The KPI’s are similar. Software can handle this. We built Drakewell to end data scrubbing and we built Analytics to end the repetitive and seemingly endless building graphs and charts for presentations. Drakewell captures and processes the data. Drakewell Analytics crunches and visualizes the data for you.

Let’s say you do a quarterly KPI presentation for a client. Each quarter, you export a bunch of data and spend the next week fiddling with it, building charts, graphs, etc. to paste into a powerpoint presentation.

With Analytics, those charts or graphs are built once. The data is continuously fed to them. When quarterly KPI presentation time comes around again, you filter the data in Analytics, screenshot the charts and graphs in your presentation and you’re done. These should take a few hours each quarter, not several days.

How do I turn it on

Basic Analytics is included with your Drakewell subscription.

For Advanced or Custom Analytics, contact Drakewell. The pricing structure for these options is a flat monthly subscription fee that can be paid annually or monthly.

Other similar services

There are many visualization software packages on the market. All require manual exporting from the data source and importing into them or they require an expensive integration and constant management. Drakewell paired with Drakewell Analytics work together in real time, organically within your business.

“Thanks, but we can do this ourselves…”

Analytics infrastructure is built to act like an API for clients who want to take on building an analytics front end and hiring additional personnel to manage the infrastructure themselves. Advanced Analytics is designed specifically to help you avoid these additional costs to your business!! With Advanced Analytics, it is possible to play and tinker with new visualizations yourself. The cost of adding Drakewell Advanced Analytics on to your subscription pales in comparison with headcount and additional infrastructure to maintain API links. Contact us for information about API access for your Drakewell instance.

Contact us to setup a demo, learn about our pricing model, and make sure to ask about our new features!

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