Asset Improvements

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Based on customer feedback we’ve made recent asset improvements. In this update, we outline the new visual, what it does, why it is important, and how it helps your business.

Asset History Visual Helpers

What does it do?

The history for an asset now includes any canceled shipments and work orders that have occurred. If any event in an asset’s history has attachments associated with it, a paper-clip icon is displayed beside the event. Color indicators have been added to individual events in an asset’s history as needed.

  • Active events (highlighted in blue) have been started but not completed.Asset-
  • Uncompleted events (highlighted in maroon) have been started and then marked as complete in the system but a user has purposely uncompleted it.
  • Cancled events (greyed out) are displayed since they are not taken into account for the asset’s history.
  • Completed events are displayed as normal.

Asset History Visualization Helper in Drakewell Directional Drilling Software

Asset Inline History

What does it do?

Any place an asset serial number is displayed, the history for that asset can be quickly accessed by clicking the clock icon next to the asset’s serial number. Color indicators have been added to call out the currently viewed item in the asset’s history.

  • The currently viewed item that the inline history was initiated from is highlighted in yellow.
  • Where the currently viewed item will be placed in the asset’s history is highlighted in green.

Asset Inline History Visualization in Drakewell Directional Drilling Software

Why are these both important?

An asset’s history is extremely important and Drakewell uses this information when determining its current status and location in the system. Usually, if an asset is not in an expected status or location, it can be tracked back to issues with its history.

“Canceled” events are now displayed in an asset’s history because even though they aren’t taken into account, they can help tell the story of why an asset is in a particular status or location.

The color indicators were added to assist with quickly identifying parts of an asset’s history that may need addressing. A correct history would normally have a single active shipment or work order as its most recent event and not contain any “uncompleted” events, so calling attention to these types of things will help in tracking down issues.

How do these updates help your business?

Providing a complete, correct history of an asset in under ten seconds will earn credibility if there’s a question about how you’re maintaining your tools.

And, as always, “what’s next” is driven by the needs and requests of our users. We’re looking forward to feedback as you begin to use this new feature set. You can find our contact information here

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