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Manage your people, assets, and operations with Drakewell

Use Drakewell to manage your entire operations from one seamless platform instead of many disparate systems. When you have full visibility into your business you can make better, faster, data-driven decisions and enable your team to communicate in real time.

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“It is great, use it everyday. Drakewell combines several other software programs that are needed into one software platform. Combines inventory tracking, motor and MWD rebuild tracking, rig daily reporting and some sales aids and administrative reporting. Also very easy to use and implement."
Mark Franklin, Foresight Directional
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Make data-driven decisions with Drakewell Realtime

Set up your dashboard of sensor data collection for remote real-time operations. It allows the surface data feed to be viewed in real time from any remote location, like a Remote Operations Center, or from any mobile device.

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"The front-end development is impressive. For a software that has to have so much information entered, the team has done a great job with making the user interface smooth and concise."
Bogy Yordanov, Aim Directional Services

Let your data tell your story with Drakewell Analytics

Automate company KPI presentations with your data. Build better dashboards and visualizations in a fraction of the time by eliminating duplicate data entry and time spent cleaning spreadsheet data. You should not have to wait until the end of the month to know what your revenue is!

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"Analytics are amazing. Recently presented data to a customer live in DW, Sales team is now using this functionality."
Scott Bradley, D-Tech Drilling
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What happens on the rig doesn’t stay on the rig with Drakewell’s Customer Portal

Transparency is a powerful differentiator! With the Customer Portal you'll be able to shorten the distance between the driller on the rig floor, the company man in the shack, and the drilling engineer back at corporate. This creates an even safer operational environment and enables communication in real time with your client.

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"The software has the most valuable tools built in for easily accessible functions. I'm ready for the newest functions to come available!"
Dale Hamm, Foresight Directional

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You’ve spent years optimizing workflows so that your business runs more efficiently. Make those processes more effective by removing interruptions required for data entry into a system at every level of your organization.


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