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Modern Software for a Modern Oilfield

Built and maintained by a modern team

Technology Stacks

Drakewell currently leverages the following technologies.

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Couch DB
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Sophisticated Engineering Lifecycle

Automated Testing

Code testing code to ensure the software is exceptional

De v Opps

Infrastructure as code, seamless deployments, and more

Star Specialized Teams

Product Ownership, UI/UX teams, Engineers

Invalid name Continuous Delivery

Software that gets better all the time


Simple Software Delivery


Cloud Based Delivery

You can’t spend billions in network and computer hardware infrastructure or hire the top infrastructure engineers in the world. Fortunately you can use those services. Drakewell runs on the most advanced infrastructure in the world, managed by the best engineers available. This allows us to provide you with the most reliable operations software possible.


Highly Secure Information

If software isn’t patched with the latest security fixes, it becomes vulnerable to hackers who never rest. With Drakewell, you don’t need to call your IT support team to keep your data secure. We run Drakewell on the most secure worry-free infrastructure. Your data stays seperate and secure at all times with Drakewell.

Worry free

Worry-Free Software

Most accounting and ERP software requires an exhausting implementation, expensive servers, and yearly updates. Drakewell requires no servers, no software installation, no painful yearly updates, and has no hardware compatibility issues. You'll always be running on the latest version, with the latest performance improvements and up to date features.


Be Connected Everywhere

In an industry that never sleeps, your operations software can’t be difficult to access. Drakewell gives you access to your most important operations data anywhere you can access the web, and on any device. Designed from the ground up to be easy to use on any screen size, from smart phones to laptops, you’ll never be without the information you need to make decisions.

Technology Highlights

A few examples of how Drakewell is years ahead of the competition


Code that writes code to create powerful configuration

Using the best of software metaprogramming in the core of the platform, Drakewell enables the possibility of custom configurations for each of our customers. Without the need for expensive and time consuming custom software development we can adapt shop workflows, asset maintenance cycles, and data layouts to how your business works best.

History tracking

Code that writes code to create history tracking

Using the best-of-breed modern database technology Drakewell tracks asset history in a way never before possible. Each point in an asset’s history is tracked in detail and then current history is dynamically calculated. This enables possibilities like visibility to an asset at a certain point in time and an asset data sharing ecosystem.

Filtering language selection

Natural language searching and robust DSL for filtering

“Did you mean…” That one phrase followed by meaningful suggestions has been transformational to a user’s experience of software like Google search. Like best of breed solutions from other industries Drakewell brings natural language search and dynamic domain specific language searching to the oilfield.

The Simple Power of the CouchDB Changes Feed

Drill Into Drakewell

Make real-time, data-driven decisions. When you have full visibility to people, assets, drilling operations, and quality control processes, you can make highly informed, faster decisions about your business.

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