Simple Oilfield Software
For Growing Energy Companies


Fixed Asset Tracking

Managing your fixed assets is one of the keys to your company’s financial and operational performance. Designed from the ground up for real world MWD operations, Drakewell doesn’t force you into a system designed specifically for accounting or targeted at other industries. Drakewell helps you track all the key details about your assets, and works with your operations workflow to ensure you can think strategically about your assets.

Asset Maintenance & Repair Tracking

Knowing the life and service hours, repairs, relines, resurfacing, and rebuilds gives you a the ability to make critical decisions about the life cycle of your assets. Drakewell lets you track the repair process of your oilfield business with easy to use software, giving you the ability to make data driven decisions which will set you apart from the rest of the industry.

Asset Assembly & Disassembly Workflow

Drakewell lets you track the life cycle of each assembly from job usage including circulating hours, to disassembly, individual asset repair, and then reassembly. Because it was designed with and for Oilfield companies, Drakewell doesn’t force you into workarounds just to operate your business.


Measurement Tracking

Drakewell provides a platform that enables your team to input measurements into a form, creating a log and allowing you to track them easily. Spreadsheets can be difficult to use and aren't accessible from everywhere. Notebooks can get lost or destroyed. Drakewell tracks measurements in one place and is accessible from your phone, tablet and computer. This accessibility keeps your entire team informed in real time from anywhere.


Recording survey measurements on the go can be a challenge. Drakewell offers a platform to track and manage all of your measurements in on place, making it easies for you to calculate trajectories and hit your target quicker and easier.


Forgetting your laptop or notebook at the office or in the truck is no longer a challenge. With Drakewell, you can access your information on the go from any smart phone or tablet. Add survey measurements wherever you are to make your job easier and more effective.


Downhole & On Job Usage

Tracking asset usage is one of the most critical pieces of information you need to run your operations. From circulating hours to drilling fluid, managing failure resistant rental tools means gathering accurate on job usage. Drakewell let’s you track the full history of all your assets and any sub-assets on assemblies, including every circulating hour, every job including play, mud types, and more. This information combined with powerful visualizations and reporting help you manage your assets effectively.

Failure Reporting

Failure reporting is critical to your customers. Without good asset failure tracking you can put your customers and your operations in jeopardy. Drakewell helps you build failure reporting directly into the workflow of your operations. Combined with job usage and the assembly process, you’re failure reports build themselves, allowing you to give customers nearly instant information about the history of the asset.


Performance Tracking

Managing every aspect of a job is the core of Drakewell’s directional drilling software. The platform manages personnel, tool orders, billing, field tickets, equipment performance and safety. We want to make sure you have all of the knowledge in one place to make the right decisions for every detail of every job. This keeps you on track and increases your efficiency and accuracy.

Information Accessibility

Don’t waste any more time trying to piece together data spread across multiple documents between the office and the job. Drakewell keeps all of your information secure in one location, accessible from anywhere including the jobsite.


Our implementation sets us apart because we focus on understanding your business and tailoring every aspect of the process to your users.



Stop wasting time and money on unusable software. Call or e-mail today to find out if Drakewell is the right solution for your company.