Survey &
Directional Tools


Survey Tracking

Drakewell tracks your suverys allowing you to easily access reports and well path data. By entering your surveys, slides, and rotates, Drakewell keeps all of your calculations in one place, accessible from anywhere.

Projection to Bit

Using your survey data, Drakewell calculates distance to bit to keep you from guessing and help you make calculated decisions on your next move.

Survey Report

Quickly export easy to read reports of your activities to help track your progress and stay on target. This feature allows easy progress tracking from the home office to ensure the job is getting done quickly and efficiently.


Well Path Tracking

Track your well path against your well plan by uploading your well plan into Drakewell and entering your survey data as you drill. Keep everything in one place and accessible with the click of a button.


Visualize your well path against planned with Drakewell's plot and traveling cylinder. Drakewell uses your survey data and well plan to calculate your planned vesus actual and helps you to visualize your progess.


Plot Your Path

Drakewell's plot utilizes survey data to provide you with a horizontal and vertical plot view of your drilling progress. Use this feature to track your actual progress against the plan and visualize any deviations.

Survey Details

Drakewell's plot feature allows you to see detailed information on certain plot points. With this, you are able to see survey information for points where you began to deviate from the original plan and enable to you to efficiently make corrections, saving you valuable time and money.

Detailed Activities

Within the plot view, visualize and differntiate your slides and rotates. This allows you to view the order and depth for each of these activities at a high level, helping you to visualize your overall progress.


This feature allows you to visualize nearby wells, helping you to avoid a disasterous situation.



Visualize your drilling progress with Drakewell's traveling cylinder. This feature utilizes survey data to map your actual progress against the plan and hit your target.

Depth Slider

Within the traveling cylinder, you can use a slider to view your progess a different depths throughout the well path. Along with the mapped information, you can also see survey infor


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