Directional Drilling


Directional & Survey Tools

From landing the curve, drilling through the payzone, to knowing real-time motor yield for specific motors; software tools in the field are critical to your company’s success. Drakewell gives directional drillers all of these tools at the click of a mouse or touch of their screen. With Job Management, all of this data syncs seamlessly to your office software.

Real-Time Visualization

Visualize in real time with Drakewell’s 3D traveling cylinder. This feature ensures that you land the curve and don’t waste valuable time and assets, putting you a step ahead and making your jobs more accurate and efficient.

Simple Design

All of Drakewell’s software is design to be easy to use and extremely intuitive. Our software engineers focus on the end user and how you can best utilize your talent, knowledge and expertise without creating another obstacle with difficult software.


Performance Tracking

Managing every aspect of a job is the core of Drakewell’s directional drilling software. The platform manages personnel, tool orders, billing, field tickets, equipment performance and safety. We want to make sure you have all of the knowledge in one place to make the right decisions for every detail of every job. This keeps you on track and increases your efficiency and accuracy.

Information Accessibility

Don’t waste any more time trying to piece together data spread across multiple documents between the office and the job. Drakewell keeps all of your information secure in one location, accessible from anywhere including the jobsite.


Personnel Tracking

Drakewell’s directional drilling software allows you to track and manage your field personnel, from job schedules and time tracking, to training and vacation. Manage your overall personnel utilization in one place with the touch of a button.

Utilization Tracking

Putting the right people in the wrong places on a job is costly. Drakewell’s platform tracks your personnel throughout their tenure with your company and tells you where each team member excels for your maximum return on investment. Your team is better than the rest. Let Drakewell help to get maximum utilization from your current talent.


Asset Tracking

Tracking your assets on a job is critical to your overall production and success. With Drakewell, you can manage every asset from tools to personnel. This feature helps you to maximize your efficiency and know exactly what is going on at all stages of the drilling process.

Asset Maintenance Tracking

In addition to tracking asset location, Drakewell gives you full asset maintenance capabilities. From Motor assembly to MWD disassembly, and even incident and equipment failure tracking.


Activity Tracking

Tracking daily activities on your various services across all of your jobs is a requirement that often provides little value to your organization. Drakewell takes that necessity and turns it into useful knowledge for you business by letting you see trends with your customers, assets, and personnel; helping you make critical decisions, faster.

Safety Management

The safety of your team and jobsite is critical to ensuring your success. Drakewell’s software helps to minimize incidents by tracking certifications, meeting attendance, incidents and compliance reviews. Any incident will tag to the associated asset for review, giving you the knowledge to prevent obstacles and making your jobs safer and more efficient.


Our implementation sets us apart because we focus on understanding your business and tailoring every aspect of the process to your users.



Stop wasting time and money on unusable software. Call or e-mail today to find out if Drakewell is the right solution for your company.