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Top 5 Reasons Directional Drillers Need Drakewell
August 03, 2016

Drakewell is oil and gas field service software that is revolutionizing the way the industry operates. It is the complete solution for directional drilling, MWD, and motor rental companies who want to manage their district and field operations all on one platform. Drakewell works with you, not against you, by leveraging the most modern IT Infrastructure, intuitive user interfaces, and interactive data visualizations.

Drakewell Welcomes a New Team Member
August 03, 2016

We are proud to have Alison Grogan join the Drakewell team. Alison has worked in the oil and gas Industry for eight years and understands the operations and struggles that service companies face every day.

7 Ways to Ensure Long Term Field Service Success
August 15, 2015

Your long term success is dependent on how you plan strategically for growth and decline. Those two things are rarely predictable; however, putting efficient processes into place can help you stabilize your company in any climate.

Turning Data Into Knowledge
February 17, 2015

Drakewell's Chief Technology Officer, Shane Kempton, spoke to energy industry professionals at the Mid Continent Digital Oilfield Conference in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The message he delivered was simple; it is time for the energy industry to emprace technology. See a video of his full presentation in the post.

Our Story
August 03, 2014

Over 50 years of combined expertise has went into creating Drakewell with drillers and for drillers. Our top-tier software engineering team has built practical and innovative software for numerous parts of the oil and gas value stream. Multiple iterations over nearly 10 years have made Drakewell the best operations software in the industry.