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The New Drakewell.us
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We are excited to announce that our new and refreshed website is live! On the previous website we had a solutions drop down menu where you could find more information about how Drakewell works for rental tool, directional drilling, and MWD companies. As many of our customers already know, the Drakewell software platform provides a comprehensive and seamless solution to all of these companies and now has solutions to bridge the gap between operations and the office with Drakewell Realtime, automated KPI reporting with Drakewell Analytics, and (coming soon) report and activity sharing to operators with Drakewell’s Customer Portal.

New Pages: 'Features' and 'Getting Started'

To better showcase the capabilities of Drakewell we now have ‘Features’ and ‘Getting Started’ pages to accompany the existing ‘Technologies’, ‘About’, and “Contact/Support’ pages. In the ‘Features’ page, we have demonstrated how the features Drakewell offers compare to other software solutions currently available in the oil and gas field service space along with informational pages that go into deeper detail about unique features within Drakewell. The ‘Getting Started’page ßgives you a few questions to ask yourself when evaluating if Drakewell is the right fit for your company as well as walking you through the pricing, implementation process, and how our customer experience team can help you get started today.

Home Page Updates

You may notice that the new home page showcases a high level view of what offerings are available to you from Drakewell. By clicking the ‘Learn More’ button on any of these sections you can see in greater detail what Drakewell, Drakewell Realtime, Drakewell Analytics, and the Drakewell Customer Portal can do for you. There are also ‘Request Demo’ buttons and an area in the navigation to easily set up a time to ask questions and see Drakewell in action.


On the updated and revamped ‘Technologies’ page, you can see what technologies we leveraged to build this multi-functional platform along with the software practices we use to keep Drakewell up-to-date and to never-endingly serve you better. This is for the techy person at your company that wants to see behind the curtain. By all means, check it out.


Our team has grown and developed. We have a unique story about how our company got started and a fantastic team behind the software as a result of it all. You can learn more about our team on the ‘About’ page.


The major changes on the ‘Contact/Support’ page is the ability for existing customers to contact us for support through our website, an easy form for prospective customers to contact us to learn more about Drakewell, and a highly requested form to request merchandise like shirts, hats, and stickers from Drakewell.


The last new area of the website that you may find useful and revisit constantly is ‘Updates’. This is where we will share the recent updates to the platform and why they were added, Tips and Tricks to help you leverage new and old features in Drakewell, more information about upcoming features and how they can save you time and money, and important information demystifying some of the big topics in oil and gas like ‘big data’ and ‘machine learning’.

If you want to learn more about Drakewell or share its capabilities with someone else, we hope you find the new website useful and get answers to your questions. Our site is desktop, tablet, and mobile friendly so you can check it out wherever you are. If there are other topics or features in Drakewell you would like to know more about, please let us know by submitting the contact form on our website!

Danielle Williams

Director of Marketing

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