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Drakewell Welcomes a New Team Member

Vince Conn, UI/UX Designer at Phase 2 in OKC

Alison Grogan, Business Development

We are proud to have Alison Grogan join the Drakewell team. Alison has worked in the oil and gas Industry for eight years and understands the operations and struggles that service companies face every day.

After earning her master’s degree in mechanical engineering from Oklahoma State University (Go Pokes!), Alison began her career working in sales and account management for Baker Hughes Centrilift. She transitioned to completion systems a year later where she held roles in sales, account management, and product line management with Baker Hughes Centrilift, Weatherford, and Packers Plus Energy Services. An underlying theme for Alison’s career has been clearly translating complex technical capabilities into value-added business solutions for clients. She is currently very excited about being part of a team that is helping the software development and oil and gas industries work together to help companies make quicker, more accurate, data-driven decisions.

Alison is a one-of-a-kind member of the team who loves to hunt and recently got some big game on her safari trip in Africa. A bow is a dangerous weapon in the right hands. We are glad to have her on our side. She is ready to help you revolutionize the way your company operates.

Learn more about how she can help you make your business better, smarter, and faster by emailing her at alisong@drakewell.us or connecting with her on LinkedIn

Danielle Williams

Director of Marketing

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