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Our Story

For close to 10 years we’ve been building software for the oil and gas industry. Based in the heart of the Oilfield, we have friends, family, and customers who deal with Oilfield software and ERP systems every day. The general conclusion; they hate it all.

Unfortunately, the Oilfield is plagued with disconnected, unstable software or paper and spreadsheets. When and if software does actually get implemented, the quality of the tools leaves the most important information about your business buried in file drawers or behind hard-to-use software.

With the growing need for information to make better and more efficient decisions about all aspects of the Oilfield, forgoing software systems isn’t an option. The recent flux in oil prices only highlights the need for efficiency and data driven decision making. Companies are left with few choices, often being required to go through the pain and cost of implementing systems that may never work, or if they do, are barely usable.

Software doesn't have to be frustrating. It doesn't have to bog down your business. There's a better way. Built from the ground up for the Oilfield, Drakewell is modern software for a modern Oilfield. Instead of forcing you into an accounting or ERP system built to be generic, we crafted Drakewell with Oilfield companies to handle the operations of real Oilfield companies. We target no other industry. Drakewell works customer's business, not against it.

With a unique combination of software development talent that competes with the best in Silicon Valley and decades of combined real-world Oilfield experience, we know the technology issues facing the industry and have the ability to solve them.

We believe that software should be a tool to make people better, smarter, and faster. It should make business run more effectively and help achieve success, not be a point of pain. Our customers should not have to dread making a software decision or fear that it will make it more difficult for the people in the organization to do their jobs.

We’re dedicated to making our customer’s software experience, from the login screen to calls for support, a positive experience. We don’t want Drakewell to just be good software in the Oilfield, we expect Drakewell to be the best software our customers have ever used.

Danielle Williams

Director of Marketing

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