The values that drive the Drakewell team.


At Drakewell, we understand your need for streamlined, easy-to-use software that manages your assets, inventory, personnel usage and billing. Our team of engineers has designed modern field service software for your specific needs. We focus on user experience and usability because you need software that helps you get the job done quicker and more efficiently. The difference between what you think you know and reality could cost you millions. Drakewell is the solution to turn your data into knowledge. Let us help you be great.


We value respect in all aspects of our business from how we treat our clients, to how we treat our co-workers and community. We pride ourselves on our customer service and ability to make quick and seamless adjustments to best suit each clients’ needs. At Drakewell, we’re committed to building software for our customers that makes their jobs and lives easier and their businesses more successful.

“Crafted for the oilfield, Drakewell works with your business, not against it, with a great software experience that is usable in the field and in the shop.”




Customer service is a top priority at Drakewell. We understand the importance of having easy-to-use software that works for you, not against you. That is why we have team members dedicated to making sure your software is smoothly implemented and they are available to help you with any questions that arise while using the Drakewell software. We know how frustrating it can be to deal with bad customer service. Drakewell is designed to be easy to use and comes with a team of professionals you won't find anywhere else in the industry. You can contact us for support here.


Drakewell’s team is made up of a very unique group of individuals that represent business, leadership, technology and design. This combination of talent is instrumental in the software development process and has ensured that our product is wholly developed to meet the needs of the business and end-user.

Heath Clinton CEO of Drakewell Oil and Gas software



Heath is responsible for Drakewell's strategic direction and day-to-day operations. He has played a key role in the fast growth of multiple companies throughout his career. Heath has spent the last 19 years helping organizations successfully adopt software and technology solutions, the past 10 years working with some of the region’s largest energy companies. In his spare time Heath enjoys serving his community in various capacities, spending time with his family, and competing in triathlons and Crossfit competitions.

Shane Kempton Chief Technology Officer of Drakewell drilling software



Shane has spent the last 20 years designing, developing and implementing software and has 10 years of experience in developing oil and gas software. From large-scale enterprise management software implementations to multi-million dollar online banking platforms, Shane has a wealth of experience using technology to improve how people work and play.

Alison Grogan Vice President of Drakewell Software in Houston and OKC


VP of Business Development

Alison has worked in the oil and gas Industry for over 8 years and understands the operations and struggles that service companies face every day. After earning her master’s degree in mechanical engineering from Oklahoma State University, Alison has worked in sales, account management, and product line management with Baker Hughes, Weatherford, and Packers Plus Energy Services. An underlying theme for Alison’s career has been to be able to clearly translate complex technical capabilities into value-added business solutions for clients.

Dani Zigon Linville Implementation Engineer at Drakewell Oil and Gas Software


Implementation Engineer

Danielle is a Nuclear Engineer with progressive, domestic and international, oilfield services experience that spans everything from field engineering and sales to strategic planning and global market intelligence. She uses this experience now to support Drakewell's customers as they implement the platform and digitize their business.

Jeremy Kuhlman Director of Implementation


Director of Implementation

Jeremy's focus is on implementation of Drakewell. Jeremy has a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science and over 17 years of experience in software development. His vast knowledge of the software and willingness to understand our customers makes implementation run smoothly.

Andy Morris Chief Software Architect of Drakewell field service company software


Chief Software Architect

Andy has over 15 years of experience as a software developer and over 10 years making software specifically for oilfield service companies in the areas of directional drilling, survey and projections, and asset management. He has been involved in entrepreneurship activity and the creation of new revenue opportunities and software product companies in the community. Andy has a Master's Degree in Computer Science from the University of Oklahoma and now serves on OU's Computer Science Board of Advisors.

Mark Towler Co Founder of Drakewell that was spun off from Phase 2 in OKC



Mark has an extensive background in fast-growth software companies and he knows how adapt to rapidly changing technological landscapes. Throughout his career working with technology companies, he has always made customer service a priority, setting his companies apart from the competition.

JoJo Franklin Creative Director of Drakewell in Oklahoma


Creative Director

JoJo has been involved in setting the creative vision, UI/UX design, and the branding of Drakewell since the founding of the company and has spent over 7 years designing software user interfaces and experiences.

Danielle Williams Director of Marketing for Drakewell in OK


Director of Marketing

Danielle leads the marketing, public relations, and merchandising of Drakewell. She graduated from the University of Central Oklahoma where she was honored as Class Marshal of the College of Business.

Phil Curtis Software Engineer at Drakewell in Oklahoma


Software Engineer

Phil is an Oklahoma Christian University graduate with a degree in computer science and game animation. Phil creates new features and enhancements for the Drakewell software platform that makes it easier for our clients to make smarter, faster, and better decisions.

Tammy Engel Office Manager of Drakewell in OKC


Office & Accounting Manager

Tammy is in charge of the billing, accounting coordination, and office management of Drakewell. She has been an integral part of the team since the founding of the company and works closely with each of our clients.

Daniel Johnston Senior Software Engineer at Drakewell


Senior Software Engineer

Daniel focuses on the development of Drakewell as well as DevOps. He is an experienced software engineer and plays a large role in making downtimes and software updates painless for our clients.

Tim Zuercher Software Engineer at Drakewell Oil and Gas Software


Software Engineer

Tim graduated from Oklahoma Christian with a Master’s Degree in computer science. He focuses on developing and adding new features to Drakewell while drinking enough mountain dew for the whole team combined.

Tony Lugafet Business Development at Drakewell Oil and Gas Software


Business Development

Tony has 26 years of experience building long-lasting business relationships and plays a large role in connecting Oklahoma businesses with software development services and products. He has worked with Oil and Gas companies in transportation and asset tracking for over seven years providing advanced asset tracking systems.

Justin Blackwelder Production Manager at Drakewell Oil and Gas Software


Production Manager

Justin has more than a decade of experience managing and shaping development practices for high efficiency. He focuses on developing policies and procedures that increase Drakewell's agility and speed at which the company can deliver value to clients.